Testimonials our clients have shared with us:

Workers of Unlimited Building Solutions showed great workmanship and professionalism!”

My wife and I are very pleased with the work done on our garage and deck. Workers of Unlimited Building Solutions showed great workmanship and professionalism. I highly recommend UBS.

Thank you for efforts.

Merry Christmas and Prosperpous & Healthy New Year!
Robin & Vanessa

We very much appreciate the care taken…

My husband and I just wanted to thank you again for the repair work you and your colleagues carried out on our unit.
We very much appreciate the care taken, and are hopeful that water penetration problems will now cease to exist.

Take care,
Laura and Erel

“sincerely appreciate you and your team and the excellent work you are doing for us.”

I really appreciate your team. You have come through for us in so many ways on so many jobs all over the place and I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you and your team and the excellent work you are doing for us. The attached compliment is well deserved and if most customers were honest and took the time, many would tell us similar things.

Please thank all your staff for me.
Let’s talk next Wednesday and lunch is on me!!


Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”


Hi Lewis,

Hope all is well. The door looks fantastic. Can’t thank you enough for your suggestions and you guidance. Thank your crew on our behalf as well, they were great. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.



Law Society


Hi Lewis,

Thank you to everyone for getting this area repaired before the end of the week.   The manager has since moved into her office, and as a result, will be able to welcome the new staff member into their office space on Monday too.


Enjoy your weekend!


Private Residential Repairs

 Good morning Brenda.

Thank you for taking my call today.

I wish to thank Jim  and Jesse  for the fantastic work done at our residence.  As you will be aware, the builder at our home made many construction errors, and the Tarion Warranty Corporation took over the project.  Jim has been extremely helpful, meeting me on site, making recommendations, and providing a seamless transition with respect to repairs.  Jesse, site supervisor, and his colleague, spent many hours on site, carefully repairing damage to countertops and tile work in the kitchen and bathroom.  Jesse has an excellent eye for design, and once completed, the tile work was FIRST RATE.  Please pass on my thanks to these gentlemen for this first class work.





Thanks Very Much!


Thanks very much.

As I indicated during our chat on March 31, overall we have been very pleased with UBS and the work undertaken.  You and the crews have been amazing to deal with; very responsive and worked with us through a very disruptive period while this work was underway always maintaining a level of professionalism and D and I want to thank you for this.

Regards, M


Main Floor Heating Concern


I  wanted to commend the UBS team throughout this process. They have been approachable, professional and responsive. We believe that the work was well-executed, and we felt very informed along the way. They are an impressive team.

Thanks and I hope everyone is staying safe,


Suspended Reception Covid Screens
Thanks Karl
I think the install turned out amazing.




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